Around July of every year, the market is transformed from a greenhouse and garden center, into a produce market. It is filled with 80% of their own homegrown produce, and the rest of the produce is brought in from local growers. The market is filled with their own fresh-picked-daily sweetcorn. Once fall comes around they have a tremendous amount of pumpkins and other seaosnal crops.

Seasonal Hours:


Mon-Sat 9AM-7PM
Sunday 10AM-5PM

About The Farm

Rufener’s Hilltop Farm - the Authentic Farm Market! From Spring flowers to Summer fruits and vegetables to Fall apples and pumpkins, we invite you to look inside and see what our farm is about! In 1990, Alvin and Lana Rufener built their farm market. Since then, farming and operating this seasonal farm market has become their sole livelihood. Alvin has been farming his entire life and started growing and selling sweetcorn before he even had his drivers license! Alvin and Lana Rufener would like to thank you for your continued support and patronage. They feel all the hard work and dedication is worth it to have genuine satisfied customers!

The Greenhouse

We carry a wide variety of flowers and vegetables!

Fresh Produce

  • During The Spring

    During the spring Rufener's starts working the ground and planting all of the crops. Planting continues through the beginning of harvest. They strive to have crops until the frost takes them in the fall. The farm market transforms in early July from a garden center to a fresh produce market. The smells of fresh sweetcorn, cantaloupes and peaches permeate the store!

  • Sweetcorn Is Our Specialty

    We take pride in all we grow! It is well known by all of our patrons that sweetcorn is our SPECIALTY! The varieties we grow are the sweetest. It's hand picked fresh every morning and sometimes, even throughout the day to keep up with demand. The plantings are spread out with great care to ensure you get tender sweetcorn that is juicy and melts in your mouth!

  • Surplus And Savings

    You can purchase anything in any amount. From one ear of sweetcorn, to a mess of greenbeans, to a peck of peaches, to a bushel of apples. We offer quantity discounts with great savings! We take orders with a minimum of 1-2 days' notice, to ensure you get your produce fresh that day, for canning. You will still find a charming atmosphere at our farm market.

Fall Harvest & Festival


  • Pumpkins

    Already picked and or pick your own pumpkins! We have the a variety of sizes from small to large.

  • Hayrides

    Take a fun relaxing hayride on a tour of the farm to the pumpkin patch. There you can pick whatever pumpkin you desire.

  • Corn Maze

    Check out our seven acre corn maze! We supply a map to ease the navigation. If it's too much for you, try out the junior maze!

  • Petting Zoo

    Here you can say hi to a few farm animals. There are miniture goats, pot belly pigs, chickens and a calf!

  • Shelled Corn Pool

    The corn pool is a great time for the kids. This is a swimming pool full of shelled corn and it even has a slide!

  • Train Rides

    All aboard the train! The train ride is a lot of fun, the kids love it and it can even hold adults for those that want to ride.

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Seasonal Hours

Mon-Sat 9AM-7PM

Sunday 10AM-5PM


1022 ST RT 43
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