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Rufeners Farm

We take pride in all we grow! It is well known by all of our patrons that sweetcorn is our SPECIALTY! The varieties we grow are the sweetest. Just when you think sweetcorn couldn't be any better, you come to find it is! It's hand picked fresh every morning and sometimes, even throughout the day to keep up with demand. The plantings are spread out with great care to ensure you get tender sweetcorn that is juicy and melts in your mouth!  

You can purchase anything in any amount. From one ear of sweetcorn, to a mess of greenbeans, to a peck of peaches, to a bushel of apples. We offer quantity discounts with great savings! We take orders with a minimum of 1-2 days' notice, to ensure you get your produce fresh that day, for canning.

During the spring, we start working the ground and planting crops. Planting continues through the beginning of harvest. Our farm market transforms in early July from a garden center to a fresh produce market. The smells of fresh sweetcorn, cantaloupes, and peaches permeate the store!

In many circumstances, we can let you know in advance when our crops will be ready, such as our tomatoes, peppers, sweetcorn, etc. Just give us a call and we can tell you when the peek season will be, and what the pricing is. We give a SUPER discount on 5 dz. or more ears of sweetcorn! Many of our patrons take advantage of this for freezing, picnics, and outings.


You will still find a charming atmosphere at our farm market! In the store, we carry a line of vidallia onion dressings, local jams, jellies, honey, maple syrup, candies, and many other local and unique items that are hard to find elsewhere!


If you like, you can order ahead and we could have everything ready in a quick in and out stop! When asked to have orders ready, we are very selective in picking out produce! For your convenience you could telephone ahead to place an order or make an inquiry by email. Whether you select your produce, or we do, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction!


Rufener Hilltop Farm, family owned and operated, is proud to offer you our very best!